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The EUBREAST Network Educational Program

Interdisciplinary Management of Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Primary Systemic Therapy: What Surgeons Need to Know

We are excited to present the EUBREAST Network Educational Program (
Moderated by Prof Thorsten Kuehen and Dr Oreste Gentilini.

  1. Primary systemic therapy as a “surgical tool” (Dr Oreste Gentilini)
  2. Imaging and prediction of response during neoadjuvant treatment (Dr Petra Steyerová)
  3. Irradiate or not irradiate: dilemmas after neoadjuvant treatment (Dr Orit Kaidar-Person)
  4. Immunotherapy: what the surgeon needs to know (Prof Giuseppe Curigliano)
  5. Pathology makes the difference: requirements in the context of neoadjuvant treatment (Prof Giuseppe Viale)

We are grateful to our sponsors, MSD and Exact Sciences, for the unconditional support.