Evento > 6th International Conference on Integrated Therapies in Oncology

13-15 Novembre 2014

6th International Conference on Integrated Therapies in Oncology:
Women’s Project in Oncology – Looking towards the Future

Messina – Università di Messina, Aula Magna – 13 novembre 2014
Giardini Naxos (Messina) – Hotel Hilton – 14-15 novembre 2014

Presidente: Vincenzo Adamo


The “Women’s Project in Oncology: Looking towards the Future” is the 6th international conference on integrated therapies in oncology focused exclusively on the molecular and clinical characteristics of oncological pathologies in women. 
The aim of this conference is not only to treat oncological diseases occurring exclusively in women such as breast and ovarian cancers, but also deal with cancers with high incidence in females as lung and colon cancers.
The program of the Conference includes lectures focused on the molecular characteristics of cancers occurring in women and the presentation of clinical cases with “open questions” discussed in a multidisciplinary debate among oncologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists and surgeons. 
Interesting arguments will be discussed including family cancer syndromes, fertility and the importance of genetic counseling. Moreover, a session will be dedicated to quality of life and the psychological support during the course of cancer care.
This Conference includes a highly qualified international faculty and presents an innovative formula allowing a worthwhile exchange of experiences and opinions between speakers and audience. 
This course is addressed to oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, gynecologists, biologists, and nurses.
The ultimate goal will be the creation of a multidisciplinary network to better manage and treat, not only a cancer patient, but “a woman”